Making Slippery Walking Areas Safer

Caprinic Features

Enhance the traction of potentially slippery walking surfaces, this non-slip epoxy coating is suitable for application in many industrial settings, such as steel walkways, warehouses and loading docks, around manufacturing machinery, and oil & gas equipment. Use Billy Grip for a high build, customized textured surface that enhances traction and helps prevent potentially dangerous slips and falls.

Leading Safety Innovation

Worker safety is always a concern and when accidents happen, injuries are costly - downtime affects both the employee and the employer. Creating safe work areas is key to reducing losses from injury. Providing durable walking surfaces that increase traction and help prevent slipping can be a simple, cost-effective way to improve site conditions.

Product Types
Billy Grip
  • Billy Grip HD Non-Slip Epoxy Floor Coating

    Billy Grip HD is a 3:1 two-component epoxy floor coating containing aggregate to build customized, non-slip walking surfaces. The high solids, high build safety coating has great chemical resistance properties, including oils and solvents. With superior durability, the texture profile lifespan is extended with this high performance product. Billy Grip HD has been formulated specifically for the energy services industry, as safety concerns are paramount.

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