Developing Superior Solution with Superior Coatings

Developing Better Products

Our goal is to innovate new coating solutions by improving on existing technology, with an eye to explore new ways of doing things. Creating high performance, engineered coating systems means durability, appearance, and value are all incorporated into Niskoat paints. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring novel ideas and unique solutions to the coating industry and welcome your input into what we should do next to make your project go more smoothly.

Industry Oriented, Customer Focused

With our many years of experience in and around the coatings industry, Niskoat has developed a strong insistence on providing high level customer service at all times. Being in Alberta's oil and gas region, we have worked to provide on-demand solutions, unique services, and customized products for our drilling, transportation, and processing customers.

Striving for Excellence

By working with premium materials, professional vendors, and experienced technicians, Niskoat products satisfy our value proposition to our customers. We push for better coatings, with exceptional performance and ease of use, which means we provide superior solutions while delivering cost-effective coating systems to you.

Real-World Advice & Practical Product Development

In this business we know it can be difficult to convince applicators and project managers to accept a new option. Our solution for this counter-intuitive, industry position is to to build products with our customers, actively incorporating feedback and recommendations to always improve our processes and paints. If this isn't enough, we'll help train applicators on our products just to ensure them it's as easy as we say it is.

Product Types
Epoxy Primer
  • FerraPrime Epoxy Primer

    A two-component, premium quality epoxy primer, ideal for ferrous applications requiring corrosion and chemical resistance, and mechanical durability. Excellent for use on heavy equipment, exterior storage tanks, trucks and trailers, farm implements, and oilfield equipment. Perfect for applications requiring resilience and efficiency. With high sag properties, application is made easier with reduced runs and higher build capabilities. Step 1 of a 2 product system

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Zinc Epoxy Primer
  • ZnKoat Zinc Flake Epoxy Primer

    A premium quality zinc-based anti-corrosive epoxy primer, ideal for applications requiring extra corrosion and chemical resistance, and mechanical durability. ZnKoat delivers equal or better cathodic protection than zinc dust and provides an additional barrier of protection. With a platelet-like structure, the zinc flake provides a larger surface area the typical zinc dust allowing for more favorable performance characteristics. The full flake 2D contact between the zinc flakes gives a higher current density that improves the cathodic nature of the coating. Less zinc in the dry film results in a greater amount of resin, which protects the zinc particles from corrosive forces, thus reducing the problem at the source. As the zinc flakes overlap each other when they are laid down, this barrier is enhanced. Step 1 of a 2-3 product system

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Urethane Top Coat
  • NexShield HS Urethane

    A two-component, premium quality polyurethane topcoat, ideal for applications requiring durability, great appearance, corrosion and chemical resistance, and a high gloss finish. Excellent for use on heavy equipment, exterior storage tanks, trucks and trailers, farm implements, and oilfield equipment. Lead-free, low VOC.

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Non-Slip Epoxy
  • Billy Grip HD Non-Slip Epoxy Floor Coating

    Billy Grip HD is a 3:1 two-component epoxy floor coating containing aggregate to build customized, non-slip walking surfaces. The high solids, high build safety coating has great chemical resistance properties, including oils and solvents. With superior durability, the texture profile lifespan is extended with this high performance product. Billy Grip HD has been formulated specifically for the energy services industry, as safety concerns are paramount.

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