Powerful coatings for protective applications

Product Types
Epoxy Liners
  • Hempadur

    Based on advanced epoxy technology, Hempadur coatings provide excellent long-term protection of steel in even the toughest environments. They are ideal for steel structures and equipment where long maintenance intervals are a priority, such as bridges and other civil buildings, offshore installations, chemical plants and power generation facilities.

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  • Floortuff Epoxy Floor Coating

    Neogard® has developed a one-product, easy to use system for protecting concrete floors. This two-component, 100% solids epoxy, is formulated for use on damp as well as dry concrete. It can be used as a primer, patching resin, base coat, and topcoat… all in one. Ideal for high traffic conditions like main aisles, mechanical rooms, industrial kitchens, floor patching, maintaining floors, and clean rooms.

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  • Jones-Blair Industrial Coatings

    The Jones-Blair® brand has become a leader in developing high performance industrial coatings. A proprietary blend of resins results in a variety of durable, great finish coatings for industrial applications such as oilfield equipment, infrastructure, transportation, heavy machinery, as well as plants and processing facilities. Recently acquired by Hempel, the Jones-Blair® brand packaging will look different, but is the same high-quality product in the can.

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